May 16, 2021

PRODUCTS - Brattice Cloth - Cleartex-R

Check panels have historically been manufactured from a frosty clear vinyl film. This permitted light from approaching mine machinery to shine through, but did not allow the miner and machinery operator to see each other through the check panel. Many fatalities and injuries have resulted due to this problem.

In 1991,


JMD Company


developed a product to address this concern. This product is called



The material is reinforced with a 2 x 2 scrim that adds strength to the finished material without distorting the clarity. It is laminated on both sides with a crystal-clear, flexible, self-extinguishing PVC film using a special process that doesn't require adhesives, which can reduce clarity. The finished product is windowpane clear allowing miners and machinery operators to see each other at greater distances through the material.


  • Clearest check panel material available
  • Can help to reduce mine fatalities
  • Resists oil and acidic conditions
  • Self-sealing, air-tight and mildew-resistant
  • Stronger than competitive unreinforced products
  • MSHA approved for underground use


  • 2400   24 oz. per square yard

Custom weights are available

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