May 16, 2021

PRODUCTS - Brattice Cloth - Superweave

JMD Company's Superweave


Brattice Cloth is reinforced with a ripstop scrim. A heavy denier polyester yarn is inserted on regular intervals running horizontally across the fabric. The heavier yarns help to stop tears from traveling through the material. This product is laminated on both sides with a flexible, self-extinguishing PVC vinyl film.


JMD Superweave


offers greater tear strength than our




at a more economical price than our




It is available in two colors, frosty clear and safety yellow. Standard roll lengths are 25 yards and 50 yards. Standard roll goods are available in 36" to 144" widths. Other roll widths and lengths are available upon request.


  • Provides more tear strength than JMD Nylotex
  • Resists oil and acidic conditions
  • Air-tight and mildew-resistant
  • Excellent cost / quality ratio for line brattice
  • Can significantly reduce brattice usage
  • MSHA approved for underground use


  • 8090   8 to 9 oz. per square yard
  • 1011   10 to 11 oz. per square yard
  • 1112   11 to 12 oz. per square yard
  • 1618   16 to 18 oz. per square yard
  • 2800   28 oz. per square yard
  • 3000   30 oz. per square yard

Custom weights are available

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