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Curing is the process in which the concrete is protected from loss of moisture and kept within a reasonable temperature range. The result of this process is increased strength and decreased permeability. Curing is also a key player in mitigating cracks in the concrete, which severely impacts durability.

Typical moist curing for bridge decks requires the application of adequate quality water saturated burlap or other approved absorptive material covered with minimum six mil plastic covering. The saturated materials should be of a thickness that allows it to remain wet for 6 hours once soaked. A 10 oz. burlap is recommended for this application.

JMD 10 oz. concrete curing burlap is imported from the highest quality mills in India and Pakistan. This product is available in bale form or 60” wide custom length rolls. Bales do vary, but are commonly manufactured in 1000, 1800, and 2000 yard lengths. Custom rolls can be manufactured by JMD in lengths determined by the size of your pour or the length of your bridge deck.

Our winding department breaks down the bales onto cores for easy handling and deployment. JMD stocks container loads of 10 oz. curing burlap for fast reliable delivery the day before your next concrete pour. JMD can provide all certification forms required for DOT projects.

Reduce your material waste and increase the productivity of your workers by using our JMD custom rolled 10 oz. concrete curing burlap on your next project.

Product Dimensions

60" x 300 ft.
60" x 1800 yds.

Standard sizes

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