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JMD Compost Sock holds silt and filters storm water run-off better than silt fence. Unlike silt fence, it will not fall over or blow down and is excellent for site perimeter control. JMD Compost Sock can be installed on frozen ground and in environmentally sensitive areas where minimal soil disturbance is required. JMD Compost Sock does not need trenching, making it an excellent choice for erosion control around tree roots or above utility lines.

JMD Compost Sock is manufactured using a Filtrexx multi-filament polypropylene Durasoxx material that provides superior strength while allowing for maximum filtration. Durasoxx is the first netting technology to offer the strength of two soxx in one while still maintaining a high level of storm water flow through without binding the sediment. Durasoxx is a long lasting mesh ideal for erosion and sediment control applications where the compost sock may be exposed to high traffic levels or may need to be moved around the job site.

JMD Compost Sock is manufactured premade on skids in 8” dia., 12” dia., and 18” dia. coils. Larger diameters (24” and 32”) are installed on-site by our factory certified crews.

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