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American Excelsior Company realizes project owners, consultants, specifiers, and landscape contractors wish to have a choice when selecting erosion control blankets. That is why they manufacture a wide choice of straw, coconut, and excelsior blankets. Curlex blankets consist of softly barbed, interlocking, curled, Aspen excelsior fibers. Curlex blankets are available in a variety of environmentally sensitive and/or stronger netting types to meet job site requirements. Curlex CL blankets are a lighter version that offers performance and vegetation establishment benefits at a more economical price.

American Excelsior Company's premier Straw line uses 100% organic, weed-free, agricultural straw. UV resistant netting is offered when strength and longevity are important. A photodegradable Quick Mow netting is available for areas that require frequent mowing and is recommended for urban use or roadside projects. Most American Excelsior products are also offered using 100% biodegradable Fibrenet for environmentally sensitive areas near wetlands, streams, or ponds. A NetFree product is also manufactured.

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Short Term Extended Term Biodegradable
W/ FibreNet
Curlex I Straw / Coconut Curlex I
Curlex II Coconut Curlex II
Curlex I CL   Single Net Straw
Curlex II CL   Double Net Straw
Single Net Straw   Straw / Coconut
Double Net Straw   Coconut
    Curlex NetFree

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