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North American Green manufactures a complete line of erosion control blankets to handle the unique characteristics of each job-site. Project characteristics like land topography, soil type, climate, regulatory mandates, construction schedules, and seasonal concerns must be taken into consideration when selecting the proper erosion control blanket.

North American Green produces over 10 different blankets to meet nearly every application. This family of extensively-tested temporary products includes short-term, extended-term, and 100% biodegradable erosion control blankets. The blankets vary depending on functional longevity, shear stress, and run-off flow demands. They are manufactured utilizing a variety of organic matrixes, including straw, blended straw/coconut fiber, and straight coconut fiber.

North American Green erosion blankets offer immediate erosion protection that increases as vegetation grows through the blanket providing both root and stem reinforcement. Erosion control blankets protect against seasonal temperature swings and reduce moisture loss allowing for greater seed germination rates.

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Short Term Extended Term Biodegradable
S75 SC150 S75BN
DS75 C125 S150BN
S150   SC150BN
DS150   C125BN

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