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EarthGuard Fiber Matrix (FM) is a patented technology, which combines EarthGuard and fiber to form a matrix that provides extended erosion control protection in severe conditions. It is designed to work directly with soil to maintain its stability by both preserving existing soil structure and flocculating fine sediment being dislodged by storm water run-off or wind. EarthGuard's superior soil stabilizing ability holds seed, soil, fiber and soil amendments in place until sufficient long-term growth / erosion control protection has occured.

EarthGuard is available in two forms. EarthGuard liquid is packaged in a 5 gallon container and is added to standard 70/30 or 100 percent wood hydromulch. This method allows contractors to adjust application rates as needed on the job site and eliminate the need to store and transport several types of mulches for various site conditions. EarthGuard Pre-Packaged is available in 50 pound bags and requires no mixing in the tank. EarthGuard is preblended with 100% wood fiber mulch.


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