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Profile Terra-Mulch is widely recognized as the leading developer of innovative hydraulic mulches. Terra-Mulch's thermally refined wood fiber holds 13.5 times its weight in water. Maximum water-holding capacity is essential for successful seed germination and plant establishment. They produce a full line of cellulose, wood/cellulose, and 100 percent wood mulches. Terra- Mulch hydraulic mulches can be ordered with UltraGrow, a proprietary biostimulant to ensure healthy growth even in harsh environments. Tacking Agent 3 can also be added for additional holding capabilities and to eliminate the extra step and mess of field-mixing tackifiers. Profile Jet-Spray is a pourable mulch designed for smaller jet-agitated hydraulic seeders. Seed Aide cellulose and wood fiber mulch is designed to be applied by hand or using a high-volume drop spreader.

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