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Specializing in Construction Products for Erosion Control, Drainage, Stabilization, and Reinforcement of Problem Soils.

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JMD Company - Mine and Construction Products


JMD oil and gas sales specialist can provide on-site solutions for your well pad stabilization, erosion control and containment issues. We provide high strength geotextiles and geogrids for gas pad and haul road reinforcement. We provide Triangular Dykes and geosynthetic liners for frac water containment. We offer a complete line of erosion control blankets and spray-on BFM and FGM mulches. We provide and install Compost Filter Sock for sediment control and perimeter containment. We provide rock protection mesh and prefilled sand bags for gas transmission lines. Oil and Gas Industry
JMD supplies a full line of products including polyethylene drainage pipe, non-woven and monofilament geotextiles, composite wall-drains, strip drains, and foundation waterproofing membranes. Site Drainage
JMD offers a wide range of woven and non-woven geotextiles for stabilizing weak subgrades in paved and unpaved roadways and parking lots. JMD also has a complete line of geogrids for soil stabilization, reinforced slopes, and retaining wall applications. Subgrade Stabilization
JMD stocks a complete line of temporary and permanent erosion control products including jute, straw, coconut, excelsior, and polypropylene matting. We blend our own grass seed and specialize in hydraulic mulching products. We distribute gabions, reno mattresses, and rockfall mesh for embankment and slope applications. We manufacture and install compost filtration socks. Erosion Control
We manufacture silt fence to WVDOT, ODOT, PENNDOT, DEP, and custom specifications. Our high-speed, computerized, equipment can produce over 25,000 feet per shift. Using four-wheel-drive trenchers, our crew can install silt fence on any project. Erosion Control
Our Customers Include
    Home Builders
    Landscape Contractors
    Highway Contractors
    Hydro Seeders
    Mine Reclamation Companies
    Block Wall Installers
    Public Works Departments
    Golf Courses
    Pipe Line and Drill Pad Contractors
The long-range success of your project begins with the selection of the correct products. This can be a complex endeavor. Numerous factors including site geometry, soil type and hydraulic conditions, play a critical role in proper product selection. Whatever your market, JMD can recommend and provide the optimum product for your project - one that offers both performance and cost-effectiveness.

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