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Faircloth Skimmers

The Faircloth Skimmer is a floating device which releases water slowly from a pond or basin. It skims clean water from the surface and sends it to a riser or the backside of a dam. The water can be drained as quickly or slowly as one desires by changing the size of the orifice.

The Faircloth Skimmer provides two valuable environmental functions: it allows the basin water to be slowly released into streams thus minimizing erosion of stream banks, and it drains water from the surface where the water is the least polluted instead of draining from the bottom where sediment concentrations are their highest.

The Faircloth Skimmer can be installed quickly and easily at a fraction of the price of a typical riser pipe installation. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging form 1.5" diameter to 8" diameter and are capable of draining over 97,000 cu. ft. of water per day.

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