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Profile Products Seed Aide Aero is a granular soil stabilization product composed of pelletized recycled newsprint and wood fiber shavings, a linear anionic soil flocculant, hydrocolloidal polymers and a seaweed extract biostimulant. It may be applied aerially, hydraulically or dry using a high-volume spreader which makes it the ideal product to use on pipeline projects and in areas of limited water availability. It can be applied in half the time it takes to blow straw mulch or install erosion control blankets.

Upon wetting, Seed Aide Aero's mulch granules expand and release anionic soil flocculant to bind soil particles, increase water infiltration/retention and reduce sediment loss. The hydro-colloidal polymers create an effective bond to hold seed and soil particles in place while the seaweed extract biostimulant encourages plant growth and root development.

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