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Curlex and Straw Wattles use natural fibers to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment-laden run-off. Wattles are porous, allowing water to pass through the fiber matrix, progressively slowing velocity and filtering sediment throughout the length of the product. When properly installed, these products will not blow out like straw hay bales. Wattles contour to the terrain and are extremely flexible and easy to install. Wattles are a green environmentally friendly product that can be left in place to naturally degrade over time. Wattles are available in 9", 12", and 20" diameters.

Product Information

Straw Wattle Brochure
Curlex Wattle Brochure

Typical Applications
  • Ditch checks
  • Energy dissipaters over erosion blankets
  • Site perimeter control
  • Use in place of straw bales and silt fence
  • Inlet protection
  • Sidewalk and roadway protection

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