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Tough Guy Turbidity Barriers restrict the movement of sediment laden water developed by construction operations in or adjacent to water bodies, wetlands or streams. Whether floating or staked, Tough Guy Turbidity Barriers are fabricated to meet a wide range of site-specific conditions such as barrier depth, barrier length, wave height, current velocity and anchoring restrictions.

Tough Guy Turbidity Barriers are manufactured with flexible top floatation chambers and chain ballast.

Type 1.DOT: For slow currents less than 1 fps and minimal wave heights.

Type 2.DOT: For moderate currents less than 5 fps with and with out boat wakes.

Type 3.DOT: For Similar applications to Type 2. DOT. A permeable, woven geo textile is fabricated into the skirt to meet flow-through requirements.

Staked Barriers: For quiescent water applications less than 18" depth. Primary function is either containment or flow diversion.

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